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Title:SKY Castle
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
First Air Date: 2018-11-23
Last Air Date: 2019-02-01
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 20
Runtime: 65 min
Overview: The satirical comedy takes place in a four-story apartment building in the suburbs of Seoul inhabited by a number of professionals: doctors, judges, prosecutors, professors, and their wives. The wives are from prestigious and highly educated backgrounds, and part of the plot will feature their efforts to get their children admitted into universities. Some grew up in families with multiple generations of doctors or lawyers, and their ambitions will be depicted with realism and comedy.
Stars: Yum Jung-ah (Han Seo-jin), Lee Tae-ran (Lee Soo-imm), Yoon Se-ah (No Seung-hye), Oh Na-ra (Jin Jin-hee), Kim Seo-hyung (Kim Joo-young), Jung Joon-ho (Kang Joon-sang), Choi Won-young (Hwang Chi-young), Kim Byung-chul (Cha Min-hyuk), Jo Jae-yoon (Woo Yang-woo), Kim Bo-ra (Kim Hye-na), Kim Hye-yoon (Kang Ye-seo), Lee Ji-won (Kang Ye-bin), Chani (Hwang Woo-joo), Kim Dong-hee (Cha Seo-jun), Cho Byeong-kyu (Cha Gi-jun), Park Yu-na (Cha Se-ri), Lee Yu-jin (Woo Soo-han), Jung Ae-ri (Mrs.Yoon), Lee Hyun-jin (Cho Tae-jun), Cho Mi-nyeo (Katherine), Song Min-hyung (Choi In-ho), Kim Jung-nan (Lee Myung-joo), Yoo Sung-ju (Park Soo-chang), Song Geon-hee (Park Young-jae), Lee Yeon-su (Kim Eun-hye)